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After graduating from Durham University (Geography BSc), James moved to London, where he started working as an account executive for the global advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. After three years of making television adverts for British American Tobacco, Guinness Africa and Kentucky Fried Chicken he decided to change career and pursue his love of photography. After spending time in Germany and then relocating to Spain, he finally found the necessary environment to develop his photography. A keen environmentalist/humanitarian James has worked for the wildlife NGO WildAid International and is keen to secure assignments in the field of natural history and exploration. James specialises in portrait photography. James speaks English and conversational Spanish. "A photograph is possibly the purest statement of essences," Wardell says. "It's important not to be rigid, to allow a process of discovery to take place." According to James Wardell, a good photo is a photo we can remember months later. The way it is constructed, presented makes it memorable. "It has to do with art and sharing something for a long time". "You really have to revert to a child-like attitude about what you see; how interesting, how marvellous, how extraordinary! Life on earth is hell. There is just too much suffering, and it's non-stop. The only alleviation from the chaos of suffering lies in seeking harmony by finding the majesty and magic that make sense of life. I am a human being first and a photographer second.Being a photographer helps guide me through the human experience".








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