This is what I can do


Animal shots

James Wardell is a leading wildlife photographer, capturing stunning environmental portraits and imbuing them with his creative passion. Such a passion has led him to open Animal Exposure (Æ).

Corporate Gatherings


A valued member of any production team. James has covered global events around the world, in excess of 3000 participants. Such corporate events help fund wildlife video/photo production. He has extensive experience as a Barcelona event photographer, although his work has taken him to North America, Europe and South East Asia.

Interesting humans


Always open to capturing a portrait, James enjoys capturing magical moments, immortalising them in his photography. From the Bahamas, to Belize and then Barcelona. He is thrilled to explore the world. No camera is necessary, but it is a lovely way to record experiences.



Taking a break from corporate assignments, James has gone on humanitarian missions to Afghanistan with the UNODC and UNHCR. Haiti with ITUC. Libya for Birmingham Post & Mail. During these assignments he provides the clients with photo and video coverage of their important and life changing work.